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With just one click, you can change your online shopping habits to help the environment, small businesses, and working people.

Version 0.2
for Google Chrome

Not to answer a question with a question, but do you want to support a business when people are specifically asking Is Amazon Evil and Am I Evil for Using It? There is also the environmental impact, working conditions both domestically and internationally, larger effects on wages across industries, giant tax breaks, etc..

As a consumer, you may also want to consider Amazon's counterfeit goods problem.

Read the recent report "What's Wrong With Amazon?"

But free, overnight shipping isn't free.

In general, boycotts don't work because people stick with their shopping habits. This browser extension breaks the habit.

Point taken. Google Chrome is the most used web browser, so Block Amazon For Me was initially developed for it.

If you are concerned about online privacy, we highly recommend Privacy Badger.

NYC tech workers concerned for our communities who want to support the organizing efforts against Amazon's so-called second headquarters in Long Island City, NY.

Block Amazon sites

Avoiding Amazon can be difficult as they have numerous acquisitions in various industries.

Block Amazon For Me makes this easier by blocking sites that you may not have even realized were owned by Amazon. does not block sites utilizing Amazon Web Services as this would disable a chunk of the Internet.

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Get the Code

All of the code for the Chrome Extension is available on GitHub.

You are encouraged to make suggestions, port for other browsers, or modify the code for other boycott projects.


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